Eyes On Site

The next generation of construction data is visual. Meet PanoView. Low cost 3D virtual onsite experience for the AEC industry

The PanoView Platform & Service

Construction project onsite visits and inspections are time consuming, labor intensive, and break digital workflows. PanoView is the first AECO industry low-cost solution to capture spaces in 3D without special equipment in an integrated BIM digital environment.

Partner with PanoView to gain new levels of control, collaboration, and transparency for construction projects. Using the PanoView service, construction sites are regularly documented using 360-degree pictures/video data that is automatically mapped to your floor plan to create an interactive walkthrough for progress monitoring, collaboration, and so much more.

Gain new levels of control, safety, and transparency to your construction projects with PanoView’s next-generation construction visual documentation platform.

Virtual Site Walkthroughs

Provide your team with virtual access to the site through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface.

Collaborate Across Teams

Empower your disparate teams with next-generation collaboration tools for quality assurance.

Document Through Time

Build a geolocalized visual database of projects that can be referenced through time.

Maximize Quality Control

Improve your QA processes with frequent virtual walkthroughs and preventive measures.

Protect Your Assets

Safeguard your team, property, and investment by fully documenting every stage of the project.

Decrease Risk

Reduce change orders, delays, and defects with visual data that give you instant access to your site.

PanoView’s Process

We offer a user-friendly platform and service created to help owners and developers gain new levels of control on construction projects so they can focus on what matters.

The field manager uses high resolution 360-degree cameras and perform daily or weekly scanning of your construction sites.

The PanoView platform automatically maps the walkthrough to the floor plan, and delivers a 360-degree virtual walkthrough experience.

Audit your sites and compare the same site locations over time with our “Time Travel” capability, efficiently annotate issues in 3D, and share insights with your team.For renovation or pre-project planning, achieve 1% or lower dimensional measurement error for every 65 ft (or 20 m) range.

PanoView Demo

Check out how easy it is to use the PanoView platform from any device to monitor and audit job sites.