Frequently Asked Questions

Is it web or client based? (Can I view it on a mobile phone?)

For full features and functionality users of the PanoView platform can access it from a computer through a web application which can run directly in PC and MaC. The mobile application will be rolled out soon.

How disruptive is this to our normal processes?

The PanoView platform will augment your progress monitoring and site inspection, providing more control over your construction site. This platform is designed to drive collaboration and transparency into your existing processes, giving investors, managers, and auditors virtual remote access to the construction site. The platform is easy to navigate and simple to use. The frequent site walkthroughs are undisruptive to construction workflow..

Who will review the data and walkthrough the site?

Typically directors of construction, construction managers, project managers extract the most value from the walkthroughs. Ultimately, anyone with accountability will want to use the platform for QA checks and to review any relevant notes that require their attention.

How long does it take to set up a project?

Once we have the up-to-date floor plans, we can deliver the virtual walkthrough to your platform as fast as 1 hour(no more than 24 hours in average) from completion of the scheduled site walkthrough.

How often do you go to the jobsite?

It depends on your own plan. it can be daily or weekly.

Who are your data collectors? Are they familiar with the construction process?

The staff in your company who is responsible for the field report can walk through the site with mobile app quickly. It can easily capture and generate 3D onsite virtual tour easily without training.

Who owns the data?

The signatory on the contract owns the data. Access is given to other parties at the signatory’s discretion.

What happens to the data when the project is finished?

The data is valuable in perpetuity. Most clients pass the platform and data to the Facilities Operations and Maintenance teams as a repository for future repair work. In the event of litigation, dispute resolution and defect claims that may surface down the line, this visual data could be valuable. We also provide an offline replica of the data if requested.

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs for implementation except 360 camra which range from $200--$2000 due to different configuration.

What if we have multiple projects in different locations?

This is common, especially in enterprise deals. The project configuration is very flexible to meet your requirement.

Do we have to pay for keeping our data on your platform after the project is over?

There will be no extra cost for data storage on our platform when the project is over.

Are there any limits on the number of users who can access the platform?

There are no user limits.

Can we share the images with other stakeholders through the platform?

Yes. The platform allows for collaboration and annotation with stakeholders.

Are you integrated with Procore, PlanGrid, or BIM 360?

Full integration coming soon.

What is the pricing structure?

We have a monthly&yearly subscription model. There is no down payment or deposit and you can cancel at any time. Contact us for a free quote today.